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Bowlers Store

Bowlers Store 1

Decatur's only FULL SERVICE Pro Shop!

We offer a complete line of bowling balls, bags and shoes. We also stock the most often asked for bowling supplies.  We also are are proud of the fact that 3 Hall Of Fame bowlers are available to meet your needs:  Tom Adcock, Rob Baser and Harry Logan are on staff and available to assist you.

New Bowling Ball Price Range: $90 to $200
Bowling Shoe Price Range: $40.95 to $165.00
Bowling Bag Price Range: $24.95 to $180.00

Miscellaneous Prices

Plug Fingers: $30.00
Plug Thumb: $20.00
Plug All And Re-drilll: $50.00
Finger Inserts: $5.00
Thumb Slug (Solid): $15.00

Ball Resurfacing: $30.00
Drill Blank Reactive: $35.00
Ball Polishing: $15.00
Ball Sanding: $15.00
Thumb Insert (Sleeve): $10.00
Drill Weight Holes: $10.00

"Big Ern" is retired now after over 40 years in the bowling industry.

He'll be remembered by the Decatur bowling community for a long time!


Big Ern